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About Us & Our School

We are the graduating class of 1983!


Named for Ateo Phillip Leto, a noted Hillsborough County Educator, A.P. Leto Comprehensive High School first opened its doors to students the fall of 1965. Mr. Leto was to serve as first principal of the school. However, he died unexpectedly prior to the school being completed.


Leto began the school year with grades     9-11. Its first graduating class was in 1967. Leto was the first comprehensive high school in Hillsborough County. The school offered outstanding faculty and state of the art vocational training as well as excellent academic programs.

The Building

Leto's design was modern, innovative, striking and exceptionally functional. It lacked a gym, football field, baseball and softball field until the 1970's when the population of the North West Hillsborough County exploded. As a result, Leto's student population doubled during the 1969-1970 school year and continued through the    1983-1984 school year.


The school colors, red and gold, the mascot, and alma mater were selected by the first graduating class of 1967. Other traditions such as Night to Fly, Powder Puff, Class Capers, Faculty Frolics, Senior Banquet, and other traditions were also created by the Class of 1967. 

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